At Strokes Gained Studio our members receive expert golf coaching included in our memberships. Supervised Practise is our cost-effective alternative to private golf coaching. In these sessions members receive both practical and technical help with both their golf swing and all of the feedback that TrackMan 4 provides.

About TrackMan 4

What is Trackman 4?

Underpinning our simulator experience, TrackMan 4 is highly advanced technology that combines two radars and camera tracking software to measure your club, launch and ball-flight.

Why use it?

Our indoor golf simulators allow you to gain access to the most progressive and advanced performance-enhancing software in the industry.

Leave the guesswork out of it. TrackMan will capture full ball flight numbers, club and ball data including impact location, as well as 3D trajectory in real time. You can normalise data for all conditions and can receive instant video analysis and data straight to you!

The Experience

SGS is fully equipped with 3 state of the art TrackMan hitting bays. TrackMan 4 technology captures every detail with astounding precision.

Get Better Faster

At Strokes Gained Studio, through our highly qualified, TPI Certified Personal Trainers and PGA professionals we are able to measure your performance on and off the golf course, helping you achieve your best.

With the use of Trackman technology we take the guessing out of the equation, and through the data captured we provide the highest quality coaching and training to help you get faster, stronger and better, whilst providing your body a solid foundation to be able to play golf injury and pain free.

At Strokes Gained Studio we leave no stone unturned in high performance coaching.

Practice, Play & Perform

Rain, hail or shine you can hit the range and practice or play courses from around the world. The choice is yours!

TrackMan software delivers astounding Shot Analysis. At strokes gained studio you can dial in your practice by using radar, camera and video technology that shows with pinpoint precision where to improve your game.

If you don’t feel like a range session, you can play one of the 120 courses that are available including iconic locations like St Andrews Links, Pebble Beach or Valderrama.

Trackman technology allows you to practice or play, while providing you with real-time feedback so you can perform on the course!

Gym Training


Let us take the guesswork out of your training by taking you through the world renowned Titleist Performance Institute physical assessment with one of our expert coaches.

Whats included?

The TPI assessment includes a 45 minute physical assessment with one of our TPI certified strength coaches.

This physical assessment is just one of the tools we use to assess your overall movement patterns for your golf swing. We use this in conjunction with some base strength assessments to help identify areas of your body that require attention to help you improve on the golf course, as well as off it with your improved health.


Based on our expert coaches assessment of your movement and your training history and experience we will be able to assist in choosing the appropriate level program for you!

Here at SGS we have a 3 tiered programming system:





is designed to be all inclusive. If you are playing in pain or we have identified you have a number of physical limitations in your physical assessment then this program is for you! Lots of flexibility, core and base level strength training forms the base of our Move program.


is designed for those who are looking to get stronger! If we have only identified a couple of limitations through our assessment and you have a base level of strength and stability then this program is for you! You will see lots of base level strength and stability work with emphasis on being strong through your body’s full range of movement!


is designed for those who are looking to increase their club head speed and gain serious metres off the tee! If you are moving well and we have identified a good base level of strength, stability and movement then this program is for you! In this program you will see the introduction of more advanced strength based movements and some advanced power based movements to have you feeling stronger and more powerful than ever!