SG Performance is a purpose built training facility designed to improve your performance on the course.





Here at SGS we strongly believe that the most important piece of equipment you take out on the course with you is your body. You can buy a new driver, try a new golf ball, upgrade your shafts. But the one thing you cannot replace is your body. Maybe you are playing in pain, or getting fatigued mid round? Or maybe you can’t make the swing changes your coach is looking for because of physical limitations?  If this sounds like you then SGS performance training is for you!

Our team all believe that there is no ‘one way’ to swing a golf club, instead the perfect golf swing for each individual is based on what the player can physically do. At SGS, we have a team of experts to help you get better on and off the golf course, and it all starts with our Assessment in your initial consult.

TPI Assessment

Let us take the guesswork out of your training by taking you through the world renowned Titleist Performance Institute physical assessment with one of our expert coaches.

Whats included?

The TPI assessment includes a 45 minute physical assessment with one of our TPI certified strength coaches.

This physical assessment is just one of the tools we use to assess your overall movement patterns for your golf swing. We use this in conjunction with some base strength assessments to help identify areas of your body that require attention to help you improve on the golf course, as well as off it with your improved health.


Based on our expert coaches assessment of your movement and your training history and experience we will be able to assist in choosing the appropriate level program for you!

Here at SGS we have a 3 tiered programming system:





is designed to be all inclusive. If you are playing in pain or we have identified you have a number of physical limitations in your physical assessment then this program is for you! Lots of flexibility, core and base level strength training forms the base of our Move program.


is designed for those who are looking to get stronger! If we have only identified a couple of limitations through our assessment and you have a base level of strength and stability then this program is for you! You will see lots of base level strength and stability work with emphasis on being strong through your body’s full range of movement!


is designed for those who are looking to increase their club head speed and gain serious metres off the tee! If you are moving well and we have identified a good base level of strength, stability and movement then this program is for you! In this program you will see the introduction of more advanced strength based movements and some advanced power based movements to have you feeling stronger and more powerful than ever!