Putting Technology

Strokes Gained Studio members have access to our purpose built putting area where they can roll straight putts or book in with one of our qualified staff for lessons to fully utilise the technology on offer.

SAM Putt Lab Technology

SAM Putt Lab provides the ability for every player to train in a new dimension. SAM Putt Lab measures a player’s putting using ultrasonic 3D measurements and comparing it to PGA tour data across 70+ parameters, there is no other technology that provides comparable accuracy of data for putting.

Across all facets of a player’s round putting takes up the majority of shots, but rarely is it practiced systematically. Using SAM Putt Lab we are able to break down your putting into your strengths and weaknesses across the 6 fundamentals of a putting stroke:

  1. Setup & Aim

  2. Direction: Face & Path

  3. Swing Path & Impact Spot

  4. Launch: Loft & Rise

  5. Putter Face Rotation

  6. Movement Dynamics: Rhythm & Timing

Taking this information along with tendencies you see out on the golf course we can build an individualised practice program to produce a more efficient and consistent putting stroke.

Capto Precision Putting Technology

Capto Precision Putting Technology is composed of a highly accurate and portable putting sensor combined with associated software that provides players and coaches with immediate feedback on their putting stroke. 

Capto provides stroke metrics which can be seen real time from set up alignment all the way through to the finish across 40 parameters. Information can be captured and stored within the device which allows the player/coach to see trends across the strengths and weaknesses of a putting stroke.

During practice mode Capto provides 3D biofeedback, using both visual and sound prompts allowing the player to understand their live position and whether or not they are hitting their desired stroke markers making it a fantastic tool for putting practice.

Strokes Gained Studio will use a combination of SAM Putt Lab Technology for player testing and individualised programming, alongside Capto Technology during player practice sessions. There will be no stone left unturned when it comes to a player Gaining Strokes on their given competition field.